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1. From matvey1701
Andrey, you're my fan and I love the way you play! You are really something! 

AA: Well, it's great when a fan is being appreciated by his idol :)



2. From Medieval
Andrey, Hi, I live in Kaliningrad, I'm 14. I want to know what you think about FC Baltica? 

沙皇,嗨。我住在Kaliningrad,今年14歲。我看知道你對FC Baltica的看法? 

AA: I was at the tournament in Kaliningrad once, at that time the local Baltica was holding a home game. So I even was at that stadium. It's a famous club and an important city.

3. From 152 398
Andrey, what dreams did you have tonight? 

AA: Exactly tonight I didn't have any, was fast asleep.

4. From 152 398
Andrey, I know that you love books. What would you recommend to read?


AA: I prefer fiction. I love to read historical books as well. I like to study the way modern society was developing, what people had to go through.



5. From Belgorod31
Andrey, has it ever happened in your career that the coach didn't believe in you? And no matter how hard you tried to prove otherwise, no matter what you did on the pitch, nothing changed. Or maybe you know some professional players who were in this situation?


AA: Of course, there are a lot of situations when talented, promising players were dropped. There were a lot of guys who had all the chances to have a great future but weren't able to play for some reasons that didn't depend on them only. In my school, I was believed in. But the coach of the national team 1981 did not believe in me and didn't see a footballer in me. Why? I do not know, maybe because he never took me to the competitions.



6. From 152 398
Can you do splits?

AA: When I was a kid I could. Over time, the elasticity of the muscles, responsible for that, disappears.

7. From Explosion
Hello Andrey, listen, did you want to become a goalkeeper as kid, if not, please explain why. Regards, Sergei.

AA: No. It's better to upset others than get upset yourself.

8. From Elgatogordo
Andrey Sergeyevich, do you have a favorite book?

AA: I have favorite writers.

9. From Georgia4
Hi Andrey. Who did you go to see Harry Potter with?

AA: My family.


10. From 89043710613
Hi, Andrey, tell me how much your Mercury boots cost?


AA: Those that are sold in the stores cost about 300 pounds

11. From Pugovkakarina
Hello dear Andrey! I love your game, you are a real leader of our national team, and will always remain a leader, no matter what the critics say! I try to watch all your matches, try to follow all the news about you! You are the best! I'm from Kabardino-Balkaria, from the beautiful village of Bezengi! And have you ever been here? If not, please come! We are waiting for you, love!))) Karina!

AA: I haven't been to Bezengi.:) But I've been to Nalchik.

12. From Fifka777
Do Yana and Artem have some special interests?

AA: Artem started with cars, then turned to playing with trains. Right now, my son got interested in yachts. Yanochka, like all girls, loves dolls.

13. From Fifka777
What place in England did you like most of all?

AA: London is a very beautiful city. 


14. From LaFee1989
I asked you a question two weeks ago but haven't seen it in the new portion of your answers. Why?

AA: I can only guess.

15. From nikita1010
Hi Andrey, please tell us how you prefer to play - with insoles or not? And who else plays without insoles? Please name a couple of players? 

AA: I play without insoles. In fact, a lot of people play without them.

16. From Evgeni23Zakharov
Hi Andrey !!!!!!! I'd be glad if my message reaches you!! I'm curious what numbers you car plate has..... in London and in Peter !!!!!)))))))

AA: In St. Petersburg – 010, in London I was given the one without a number 10 in it. 
沙皇:在聖彼得堡是– 010,在倫敦我得到了一個沒有10在裡面的車牌。 

17. From rym9717max
Andrey, do you change uniform after each game or maybe you play some games in one and the same?

AA: Sometimes I can play several games in one T-shirt. Actually, usually I do not keep the shirts.

18. From ilyaponamarev
I had a chance to talk with Alexander Pavlyuchenko at the last games of KVN (The Club of Extremely Smart and Funny People). He said that you have the desire to participate in it as a jury member. Well, on October 9 in London there will be an international meeting of the KVN teams. Is there a chance to see you there?

我和Alexander PavlyuchenkoKVN(一間擁有非常聰明和有趣的人的聚樂部)最後的一場比賽說過話。他說,你希望可以加入成為陪審團的一員。109號在倫敦會有一次KVN隊的國際會議,有機會在那看到你嗎?
AA: Maybe, but it would depend on my schedule. I'll have to do some other things on this day. Not joking. I'll be with the national side. 

19. From Torik23
The last dream you remember? )

AA: Off the record.

20. From rym9717max
Hi Andrey! I am 14 years old, I'm playing central midfielder (also a captain), at training. I can send the ball right in the corner, in general have very well-placed strikes, but can't repeat the same during the games. Can you give me advice how to overcome my anxiety?

AA: Alas, there are a lot of such players. At training everything turns out just fine but it doesn't happen during the game. Relax and enjoy the game. :)

21. From rym9717max
Andrey, who would you like your kids to become?

AA: Who they'd want to. Julia's and my goal is to help them with it. 

22. From rym9717max
Andrey, why are you playing great against the strong teams but fail to do so against the weaker ones? What's lacking?

AA: That's not true.


23. From Dinaturanga
Hi Andrey! This is Dina again =) Tell me if you played a popular smartphone game - Angry birds??!! Although I've got an android phone, almost everyone has this game =).

嗨沙皇!又是我Dina=)如果你有玩智慧型手機遊戲的話,請告訴我,是憤怒鳥嗎?(Angry birds)雖然我拿的是Android系統的手機,但現在幾乎每個人都有玩這個遊戲=)
AA: No. Although I『ve got it downloaded. All players, by the way, have it. And they enjoy playing it.


24. From dinaturanga
Hi Andrey, I am Dina from Bashkortostan! Have you ever listened to Amy Winehouse's songs? It's so sad that such a talented person is gone. 
PS: hi to Julia and your kids from sunny Bashkiria =) (well, +32!!!!!!! It's so freaking hot here!)

嗨沙皇,我是來自 BashkortostanDina!請問你有聽過 Amy Winehouse的歌嗎?非常遺憾失去這位如此有才華的人。 

PS:代我向Julia和你的小朋友們問好=)來自充滿陽光的 Bashkiria(天阿,超過了32度,這裡超級熱的!)
AA: I've heard some of her songs. But I wasn't a fan.


25. From tanya123
Welcome Andrey!!
My name is Tanya, I am 14 years old. I am from Astrakhan! I love you very much and I love football and am a fan of the Russian national team! I want to get to know you, just dreaming about it all the time!!! I am looking for a footballer. I have a classmate. Alexander, he also plays football. He's trying to win me over for many years but I cannot date him. I love footballers very much. What should I do? And I really want to meet you, thank you very much for your attention))))!!!!!! I'll be glad if you answer!

歡迎沙皇!我是Tanya,今年14歲,我來自 Astrakhan!我非常的喜歡你而且我也喜歡足球,同時我也是俄羅斯國家隊的球迷!我已經想著要認識你好久了!!!我在尋找一個足球員,我有一個同學Alexander,他也踢球,他試著想要贏過我讓我和他約會好多年了,但我不能和他約會。我非常的喜歡足球員,我該如何是好?我真的非常的想見到你,謝謝你看完我的問題))))!!!!!!如果你回答我會很高興的!
AA: I am too old, past the age when it was possible to get to know me. I am a family man, father of two children. If you don't want to date Sasha, then date Vasya and Kolya. They don't necessarily have to be footballers.


26. From nike666
Andrey, where did you buy this cool T-shirt with giraffes?

AA: I think I already said that Julia buys clothes for me. I haven't been shopping for a long time. Well, I can drop in to help her with the bags. Although, I go to the food stores often. As for the giraffe on the T-shirt: I do not know in what store she bought this T-shirt. But I know for sure that it's somewhere in London.



27. From LaFee1989
I've got a question. I want Andrey to answer but maybe somebody who runs the site knows and can reply. I guess somebody already asked. Andrey, what did you do with your red cheeks? Maybe there is some treatment? I also blush red, but not only when running but constantly. Tell me what you did with your skin, maybe some medicine or you never cared… Although I wouldn't care too if I played for Arsenal J

AA: Don't worry. I've never cared about it. Why use treatments if my skin is OK?


28. From nike666
Andrey, what did this weird guy tell you when he ran out on the pitch in the middle of the game? 

AA: Something nice, I do not remember now. We shook hands and then he was taken away by the police. 



29. From nike666
After the "The Power of Russia" match, what emotions did you have? :) My emotions were way off-scale. 

AA: Positive emotions. As if it was a real game. The full stadium, all preparations on the best possible level, the support of the fans was crazy. People were rooting equally for both teams. Music. Skydivers. At first, when Igor Moiseev came up with this project, I was doubtful that many people would be interested and that the stadium will be full. Although I knew that they are serious about sports and love it in Kuzbass. Aman Gumirovich does a lot in this region regarding sports. When we went out to warm up, I was slightly surprised by the full stadium. In fact, the fans, the players and all the organizers deserve a lot of credit. Kemerovo became one of my favorite cities.

沙皇:正面的。如果這是一場真正的比賽。整個球場,所有的準備工作都在最好的狀態,支持的球迷全都非常的瘋狂。所有人對兩隊都是非常平等的,音樂、跳傘。一開始,當Igor Moiseev出現在這個計劃的時候,我懷疑有多少人會有興趣,球場會不會被坐滿。雖然我知道他們用很認真的態度也熱愛Kuzbass的體育活動,Aman Gumirovich在這區就做了很多跟體育有關的事。當我們到場上去熱身的時候,我因為坐滿的球場感到小小的震驚了。事實上,球迷、球員和所有的組織成員理當得到更多的信賴的。 Kemerovo成為我最喜歡的城市之一。

30. From 152 398
Andrey, what is your most favorite place in St. Petersburg?

AA: Nevsky Prospect, Kamennyi ostrov.

沙皇: Nevsky ProspectKamennyi ostrov

31. From ANDREY2994
Hello, Andrey. I live in the city of Barnaul. Neither my friends nor I have a possibility to travel not only to the EPL games but even to the games of our league. Come to Barnaul, you have a lot of fans here. Do you have friends in Arsenal you communicate with outside the club? What do they think about you being Russian? Do they ask you about Russia? Thanks in advance for your reply. I wish you happiness, good luck in the new season and finally win the Champions League!

AA: Yes, Alex Smertin invites me to visit his school. I just don't have much time. Maybe I'll come one day. I was asked a lot about Russia during my first season in England. 

沙皇:有, Alex Smertin邀請我到他的學校去。但我沒有那麼多時肩,也許我改天會去拜訪的。我在來到英格蘭的第一季被問了很多關於俄羅斯的事情。

32. From nikita28
Hi Andrey! I watched the Hangzhou Greentown – Arsenal game and I want to ask you a question; why were you passing to Van Persie when you could have scored yourself?

AA: I acted according to the situation. In my opinion, there was no other way to play.


33. From gekon09
Hello Andrey, Somehow I feel that it's not Arshavin who answers the questions J I would be very glad if I'm wrong :) Can you object?

AA: Where is the logic? Why are you asking the question, if you don't believe. 

34. From Artemka777
Hi, Andrey, what do you think about your cartoon character in the "Cartoon personalities" show that runs in Russia? thanks in advance))

嗨,沙皇。對於你在俄羅斯播出的"Cartoon personalities" 裡的卡通角色,你有什麼想法?謝謝你的回答))
AA: It means that I'm popular. If the viewers like it then the project is successful.


35. From guzalia
Hello Andrey, I am from the Republic of Bashkortostan! I study in Tyumen, I've been supporting our national team since childhood! Haven't missed a single match! I'm very proud that our team has such experienced and strong players! Even if something doesn't turn out, anyway, I'm still hoping for the best! I'm always laughed at, my girlfriends tell me that it's not for me. They say: come on, you're a grown-up already, but I still run to the TV no matter how late the game is. But at home they always change the channel or turn off the TV so that I couldn't watch the games. I do not understand this! It drives me mad! I have to watch the videos on Internet. And there is no one to support me. Why do they have this attitude? It makes me so upset! Thanks in advance ...

哈囉,沙皇。我來自the Republic of Bashkortostan!我在Tyumen唸書。我從小時候就開始支持我們的國家隊了!且從來沒錯過任何一場比賽!我為我們的國家隊擁有經驗豐富和強壯的球員感到驕傲!即使有些事情不如預期,總而言之,我仍然期待著最好的你們!我總是對我的女生朋友們跟我說的:「這不是我該做的」感到不以為然。她們說:「得了吧,你已經長大了」。但我還是一樣守在電視前,無論比賽有多晚。可是如果在家的話,他們總是轉台或是關掉電視,讓我沒辦法看球賽。我不懂!這讓我很生氣!我得在網路上看錄像,這裡沒有任何一個人支持我。為什麼他們是這種態度?這讓我非常的沮喪!謝謝你的回答。
AA: Maybe there is no point to get upset. I'm sure, as a girl, you can find something more interesting than football.






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